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by doneail

Monday, November 16

photo 4 02 Today we had the first visit with our TIA (The Integrated Arts) artists, Diane and Carmella. photo 3 02 They are visual artists and they have brought their knowledge and love of printmaking to share with us. photo 1 02 We are basing our work on the book, Whoever You Are, by Mem Fox. photo 2 02This book is an exploration of personal and community identity… how we are each different and unique and yet all connected and responsible for one another. photo 5 01 photo 1 01 photo 4 01

by doneail

November 12

photo 4photo 2Perogies! We were very fortunate today to have two very special guests join us for the morning. Miss Evelyn and Mr. Vic came to show us how to make perogies. We certainly learned a lot and enjoyed the process, but we enjoyed eating them even more! Yum.

photo 5 Stay tuned for further developments regarding fundraising for local needs. The students began talking about the possibilities as they were making their perogies.

by doneail

Wednesday, November 3

photo 3 01Our kindergarten reading buddy program is well under way! There are a number of important literacy goals that such a program helps students, both younger and older, to meet. These include:

Making literacy enjoyable

photo 2 01• Increasing interest in reading and writing.

photo 1 01• Improving understanding of print awareness: • concept of book • directionality of reading • book title • use of pictures – pictures related to print • author, illustrator • concept of word, letter • beginning writing and copying and creating text (using invented spelling)

• Improving listening and communication skills.

photo 1• Improving confidence in self as a reader and writer

Here are some comments from our reading buddy partners from this week:

 “I like reading with my buddy.”

photo 3“Reading poems are fun.”

“My buddy makes me feel good.”

“I like it when my buddy comes into the classroom.” photo 4

OLDER STUDENTS: “I am having fun learning with them.”

“They are the best to work with.”

“We should do this more often!”

“It is neat to see them learn their letters and sounds.” photo 4 01

“It is cool to “teach” them!”



by doneail

Monday, November 2

photo 02Today in math, we began looking at the connection between multiplication and addition. When asked what some of these connections might be, students noted things like:

“it’s a faster way to add”

• “multiplying puts things into groups”

• “multiplying is like skip counting which is like adding over and over again”


photo 05Multiplication is in fact, defined as meaning that you have a certain number of groups of the same size. The thinking behind it reveals that multiplication of integers can be solved by repeated addition… however, they are not equivalent operations. For parents who wish a deeper look into the current debate surrounding this issue, check out these two articles: It Ain’t No Repeated Addition and Is Multiplication Repeated Addition?  photo 01

For our purposes at this stage of our conceptual understanding of multiplication, students will use the repeated addition strategy as a means of understanding equal groupings of numbers. We will stop short of saying they are equal operations however.

photo 07Here, students are filling in the missing parts in multiplication and addition sentences to match the given visual models (pictures). They also draw pictures to match given multiplications.